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What to Expect From Counselling With Me

Counselling is a talking therapy between a client and a trained professional. I will provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment for you to discuss thoughts and feelings and any issues concerning you. I am someone who will listen with compassion and kindness, respect your values and experience and give you support to make your own decisions. 

Talking with me is unlike talking to friends and family who may discuss details of their similar experiences, pass judgement or tell you what they think you should do. Instead I will listen and help you to recognise what is causing you challenges in life and help you to understand what triggers you into unhelpful behaviours. Together we will explore and increase your understanding and awareness to end painful patterns, ease feelings of guilt and set healthy boundaries.

Keeping painful emotions to ourselves can be destructive and make us feel as though we are "stuck", unable to make changes and reach our potential.

Working with me can provide you with the support you need and together we can look at ways to take a positive step towards change by

  • Challenge self-limiting beliefs and build self-esteem

  • Identify and change destructive patterns in relationships

  • Learn more about yourself and how to quieten your inner critical voice

  • Find a way to approach life in a more open and available way

  • Recognise what triggers you into unhelpful behaviours 

Our work together can ​be either long or short term and the number of sessions will depend on the depth and complexity of the work. For some clients, they can see great results from 6 sessions whereas others may want to work longer term. I will review with you regularly to check what is best for you and the decision is yours.

I can also work with young adults aged 14+ and hold an Enhanced DBS. Choosing the right Counsellor for you is the most important part so you can build trust feel comfortable. For this reason I offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation before we commit to working together.

If you would like to find out more about working with me please get in touch here

Counselling with me: Text

Where I Work

My counselling therapy practice is located between Dorking and Reigate in beautiful peaceful and private surroundings just south of the village of Brockham. There is private parking immediately outside the clinic with easy ground floor access.

Temporary changes during the Coronavirus pandemic 

I am able to continue to offer face to face sessions as my room is large enough for us to safely social distance and I have measures in place to create a secure environment. If you prefer to meet online I have found that Zoom sessions work very well and can offer those at a reduced rate.

Counselling with me: About
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